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  1. Hunting wild boar with a semi-auto rifle and thermal optics in the mountains of southern Spain

    Hunting boar in Spain with the mrs this winter... My last kill of the season was with my trusy old XP50 thermal scope on my favourite MSR-10 Hunter semi-auto rifle. After two days of arduous recon, from a hillside we finally found a suitable one down at the bottom of the valley. I set up 100m...
  2. Selling boar meat for money!

    Hello all, I have posted once before so I am hoping this will now post! I am looking to earn some extra cash and I live in the Forest of Dean and know there are bags of money running around with big tusks and four legs (boar!) I have a great understanding of the forest and know where the boar...
  3. Introducing myself - researcher of wild boar

    Hi there! I'm a Bristol-based writer. I don't actually hunt, although I support hunting animals such as deer where populations need management (and it's of course far more ethical to eat a wild animal than one raised on a factory farm). My reason for joining the site is that I've started...
  4. Introduction

    Based in Herefordshire (Ross on Wye). Mainly targeting Deer and Wild Boar.
  5. Stalking CV

    Stalking since 1987. Amateur. Moderate experience with DSC/DMQ Level 2 Certificate. Current deer calibres 6.5x55 and .30-06. In process of converting to non lead ammo. Good groups on target but non lead ammo must also be safe and kill humanely, effect on Deer and wild boar is next step. DIY...
  6. Hunting and Conservation

    Hi everyone, I am a student at the University of Oxford and I am conducting my dissertation on the role that hunting can play as a management technique for wild boar populations in the Forest of Dean, within the broader question of the part that hunting can play in conservation. I was...
  7. EXMOOR shoot for meat 17 Wild Boar must go OCT NOV

    Wild Boar Trip in Forest of Dean & Exmoor 14 Left so be quick
  8. Wanted: Wild Boar down south ...?

    Hi, I'm interested in some wild boar stalking that I can access from London. Anyone able to help? At a push, I could probably go as far as The Forest of Dean. Anyone able to offer some wild boar stalking there or (preferably) closer to the dreaded metropolis ...!? East Sussex/Kent would be...
  9. Muntjac buck head /wild boar tusks

    Hi everybody, I am looking for an exchange of a Muntjac Buck head (no skull) (yours) against 6 full pair of nice wild boar tusks on shield (mine). It doen't need to be a medal :-D, but as long as the the antlers and tusks are well visible. Anyone interested? Shipping to Brussels. Thanks
  10. Driven wild boar book on line now at www.a1decoy.co.uk dec2016

  11. Hunt Europe Website Launch!

    We have just launched our new sister company website, Hunt Europe www.hunteurope.co.uk We run wild boar and large game hunting trips in France and other areas of Europe, where we are the sole UK agents for a number of top class parks and open forest shoots including mountain game in the...
  12. Running Boar and Deer Range practice available in Kemble ,Wales & Bisley Surrey

    Running Boar Range available in Kemble near Cirencester. Dates will Follow .Great Promatic Running Boar range right speed. Great practice . Groups of 3 or 4 guns at a time 1/2 Day £60 each. A morning on the Range will really make a difference to your Performance on the Boar / Deer. let me know...
  13. Greetings everybody

    Greetings everybody from Transylvania(Romania) My name is Banucu Ioan and by profession I am forester and hunter. I joined to formum because I would like to share some information about the game of the Carpathian mountains and I would like to know more about the different deer species that live...
  14. Wild Boar in Sardinia....?

    The mrs is taking me off for ten days holiday in Sardinia. I was in a bit of a grump about it until some research suggested that there's great wild boar hunting out there (she doesn't know this yet)! Does anyone know about it or know any outfitters that can set it up? Thanks!
  15. Boar Piglet at a Parc in France

  16. Driven Wild Boar in Serbia

    Driven Wild Boar in Serbia We are now booking for 2014 after an extremely successful year. For more information please see link below. For dates, PM me. Available: Driven Wild Boar in Serbia - NOW BOOKING FOR 2013
  17. Available: Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria

    Hello. In Bulgaria you can hunt big wild boar. We offer hide hunting and driven hunt. If you want to hunt hide hunting in Bulgaria, you can hunt all year. If you want to hunt driven hunt,now is the time to make your reservation because the hunting season begins starting from October to end of...
  18. Available: Open season(s) for wild boar?

    Is there a commonly agreed open season for hunting wild boar in continental European countries as my Spanish taxi driver thought circa Oct to Feb/Mar or are they considered such an endemic pest that no legal restrictions or sow & litter considerations apply? Cheers, K
  19. Driven boar failure!

    A couple of weeks ago I went on a driven boar shoot in Czech. It was well run and in the Central European tradition. The horn playing after the initial brief, nice food in the break, better lunch after... but on the actual shoot was something I was not expecting... I was with an experienced...
  20. Available: Want to come out and help hunting boar in Czech?

    I've been at my farm in Czech for a year and a half and recently been accepted into the local hunting union. My 23 hectares are pooled and the total hunting area is over 500 hectares. In addition to the organised hunts I get unlimited yearling boar (up to 50kg) all year and some Roe. I'm getting...