Hunting and Conservation



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Hi everyone,

I am a student at the University of Oxford and I am conducting my dissertation on the role that hunting can play as a management technique for wild boar populations in the Forest of Dean, within the broader question of the part that hunting can play in conservation.

I was wondering whether wild boar have affected deer management at all, or even the presence and distribution of deer within the UK? I would also be interested in hearing people's opinions on the role which deer stalking plays in supporting conservation and whether the hunting of wild boar could have a similar impact?

All opinions are welcome!


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From a personal perspective I am seeing / shooting more boar than previous years. I have seen / shot more muntjac, roe have multiplied rapidly and fallow numbers are still climbing. My aim (within reason) is crop protection rather than any specific management plan, all species mentioned seem to cohabit without issue at present.
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