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  1. Introduction

    New to forum so first intro. I'm keen to learn and understand more on GWP training and overall hunting to gain experience more than anything. Based North East
  2. Introduction

    Hi Guys, I'm from Wicklow in Ireland. Have been shooting for years, I currently own a 270 and 17 hornet. I do a lot of vermin control and deer stalking.
  3. Available: Deer Stalking (Mainly Reds) 1000 Acres Morayshire

    I have a place available to join two others Near Dallas Morayshire This property has red and Roe but mainly red , Last year 30 Red Deer was taken off this property between 3 guns. I would expect this again. DSC FAC and Insurance is needed for this place . There IS NO Out of Season or Night...
  4. Hunting and Conservation

    Hi everyone, I am a student at the University of Oxford and I am conducting my dissertation on the role that hunting can play as a management technique for wild boar populations in the Forest of Dean, within the broader question of the part that hunting can play in conservation. I was...
  5. New member

    Hi my name is Craig I am 29 and been hunting since a child. I currently hold an FAC licence for 22 lr, 17hmr, a high capacity shotgun and i am currently awaiting a 243 calibre variation. I am living in Gloucester and would welcome any stalk days (paid,free or as a spectator) before my DSC1...
  6. Sold: Syndicate Place available Near Tain, Ross-Shire

    We have available 2 places to join an existing member on a 300acre block in Tain . This has been a very productive block for guns that were on it in the past and expect between 12-15 deer per year (depending how much effort you want to put into it) Lease Starts 1st April. The price is £900...
  7. Available: Deer Stalking Syndicate available £750 a year.

    Deer and Rough Shooting & Stalking Syndicate Deer stalking syndicate has been running very smothly for a year now and we have added Devon ,Hertfordshire and Wiltshire areas.17000 acres . We are looking for 4-6 Stalkers new members who want value for money stalking . year one £750 year 2 £700...
  8. Message From Dorset

    Hi, I live in Dorset near Blandford Forum and have many years shooting experience,Everything from rough shooting to deer stalking and wild boar,I am currently looking to join a friendly syndicate. Regards Chris
  9. Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Collars

    Hi, I have just had a heads up that Dogtra are releasing a new model incorporating GPS on the 3rd of January. I have emailed Dogtra Europe to see when it will be configured for European use but knowing Dogtra they will have taken what people like about other GPS tracking units and improved...
  10. North Wales Best Practice 'Talking Stalking' 2016 Llanrwst: Official Announcement

    BASC in partnership with the Deer Initiative are presenting a ‘Talking Stalking Evening’ BASC are delighted to confirm a ‘Talking Stalking Evening’ Best Practice event. The event has been organised in partnership with the Deer Initiative. This free to attend event will be held in The Eagles...
  11. New member in Berksshire!

    Hello I just joined today. I am 50 and started stalking 6 years ago. Since then I wanted to learn as much as possible as soon as possible so I did my DMQ level 1 & 2. I shoot as often as possible which is sadly not as often as i would like. I use a .308 with moderator and scope. I also...
  12. My little sister with her first deer!

    This is my 15 year old sister with her first ever deer! She was so chuffed with it, it is now on our dining room wall.
  13. Wanted: Stalking Opportunities in Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Buckinghamshire

    Recently moved from Devon to Oxfordshire (I'm just North of Reading and West of Henley) and keen to find deer stalking opportunities. I have DSC1, am an NRA club instructor and an ex-regular infantry officer (so qualified to plan and conduct field firing!). My .275 Rigby and .243 win are...
  14. Wanted: Deer Stalking mentor around Surrey/Sussex

    Hello chaps, I've recently relocated down to Surrey to start my surgical training and am looking for an experienced deer stalker in the area who would be willing to mentor an enthusiastic novice. I have been a keen Wildfowler for several years and have only recently been introduced to deer...
  15. Brent Norbury Hunting - Cervus & Vulpes

    Teaser Trailer for my film 'Cervus & Vulpes' that will be released later this year. The film follows myself throughout the whole year showing my passion for hunting both deer and foxes. It takes place around my home in Galloway, Scotland where I am surrounded by breathtaking scenery and...
  16. Complete Novice With A Passion For Adventure

    Hello, Ok, Complete novice, very keen to get into deer stalking (especially in highlands & other arduous terrain). I am physically fit, love a challenge & was recommended this site/forum as I have no idea where to start my journey into Deer Stalking.
  17. My dad with his Red Stag

    This is my dad, Director at Deer Stalking in England Ltd, with a Red Stag he shot in September. He doesn't get many chances to shoot deer as he's normally guiding so you can see he is really chuffed with himself.
  18. Please have a look at our Deer Stalking in England Ltd. website

    Please take a look at our updated website.
  19. Swarovski vs Sightron opinions ?

    hi guys im just about to buy a new better magnification scope with illuminated reticle and im looking for some experienced advice and an answer please is swaro z6i really worth £1000 more than the equivalent Sightron scope with illumination and same magnification ??? thanks in advance guys
  20. new member ! and looking for a start as a stalker (desperate for a chance)

    Hello all, my name is Stewart, I live in Angus county, Scotland at the present moment in time, I absolutely love stalking to bits, have experience working on stalking estates, and the main task on those estates being red deer management, I have my Firearms and Shotgun Licence, i have a 22/250...