1. Isle of Wight Deer Conservation Newsletter 2019

    The Isle of Wight Deer Conservation Newsletter 2019 contains all the latest news about deer on the Isle of Wight and related ecological issues
  2. Hunting and Conservation

    Hi everyone, I am a student at the University of Oxford and I am conducting my dissertation on the role that hunting can play as a management technique for wild boar populations in the Forest of Dean, within the broader question of the part that hunting can play in conservation. I was...
  3. Introduction to The Stalking Directory

    Hi all, As required I just wanted to state a few things about myself and why I have joined the directory. Im a shoot owner, gamekeeper and farmers son from Leicestershire. My family farm is around 500 acres of mixed arable and pasture with the shoot extending over that and a further 600 acres...
  4. I Want Your Opinion: How Effective is Deer Management in the UK?

    How effective do you think deer management is in the UK? I want to hear your thoughts. I am in my second year at Askham Bryan Agricultural College in York studying Countryside Management, 19 years old, carrying out a personal research project aimed at gauging the opinions on the effectiveness of...