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Hi all,

As required I just wanted to state a few things about myself and why I have joined the directory.

Im a shoot owner, gamekeeper and farmers son from Leicestershire. My family farm is around 500 acres of mixed arable and pasture with the shoot extending over that and a further 600 acres of mainly arable with some woodland. We also own 80 acres within the National forest about 5 miles from the home farm. The main farm has increasing numbers of muntjac but the 80 acre block has had an explosion of muntjac and small numbers of roe since the surrounding ground have been planted with trees.

I have very limited experience with deer stalking but I am extremely keen to learn about deer management and with the intension to one day add stalking opportunities to my existing business. Im an extremely passionate sportsman, I am used to managing large conservation projects and enjoy writing articles about conservation, farming and the shooting industry.

I hope to find some stalking opportunities where I can learn the ropes, hopefully move onto a stalking syndicate with the view to implementing deer management over my own ground and further ground locally. I currently shoot a 17HMR for vermin control and .243 for foxes with a dedicated night vision unit. I'm hoping to purchase a 22-250, 222. 223 or similar to become my dedicated might vision fox shooting rifle and turn the .243 into a deer rifle.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Kind regards,
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