1. H

    Introduction to The Stalking Directory

    Hi all, As required I just wanted to state a few things about myself and why I have joined the directory. Im a shoot owner, gamekeeper and farmers son from Leicestershire. My family farm is around 500 acres of mixed arable and pasture with the shoot extending over that and a further 600 acres...
  2. Tulloch

    Sold: Syndicate Place available Near Tain, Ross-Shire

    We have available 2 places to join an existing member on a 300acre block in Tain . This has been a very productive block for guns that were on it in the past and expect between 12-15 deer per year (depending how much effort you want to put into it) Lease Starts 1st April. The price is £900...
  3. Tulloch

    Available: Syndicate Places Available Highlands Of Scotland

    Hey all I have available a number of placements at varied prices within the North and Northeast of Scotland. Locations include premium woodland stalking in Sutherland, Morayshire and Ross-Shire. All places require DSC - FAC (Scottish Deer Legal Calibre) and Insurance (BASC-SACS is suffice)...
  4. G

    Hi everyone

    Afternoon all, I'm relatively new to shooting, from Hampshire, looking to find a DIY syndicate in either Hampshire or West Sussex. Willing and happy to do anything I can to learn and help out! Thanks!
  5. Glen Cadwallader

    Available: Syndicate places Grampian/Highland/Lochaber Available

    Hi All, We have 37 sites currently under sporting syndicate, places available now and then at renewals, prices vary from £500 to £5000 per gun and sites vary from 250 acres to 10000+ RED, ROE & SIKA We sold 12 guns las week on 7 new sites and have new sites pending in the next two weeks...
  6. Tomc1990

    Wanted: Stalking opportunities / syndicate place in Oxfordshire

    Hi All, I've been stalking for a while, insured, DSC1 qualified etc. and am looking for a syndicate place, or stalking opportunities in Oxfordshire. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Tom

    Available: Deer Stalking Syndicate available £750 a year.

    Deer and Rough Shooting & Stalking Syndicate Deer stalking syndicate has been running very smothly for a year now and we have added Devon ,Hertfordshire and Wiltshire areas.17000 acres . We are looking for 4-6 Stalkers new members who want value for money stalking . year one £750 year 2 £700...
  8. T

    Available: 2 x Syndicate Places Available - Red Deer, Isle of Arran

    Hi all, We have 2 syndicate places available (Total of 3 in the syndicate as a whole) for red deer stalking on approx 850 acres on the Isle of Arran. Would suit two mates, the ground is hill stalking so a degree of fitness will be required. For further details please contact me via email at...
  9. Maelstrom

    Wanted: Stalking syndicate or land to stalk - Norfolk

    I am a stalker with my own gun, insurance, Dsc1 and also first aid. I am looking to start my Dsc2 assessments in 2018. I would like to get involved with local deer management , stalking and or land to lease within roughly an hour of Kings Lynn, Norfolk . Happy to carry out vermin control...

    Available: Deer Stalking Syndicate 4 spaces due to increase in area 8-14 now in UK

    Deer Stalking Syndicate Just Click the link on the left Full details on the link £750 full year reducing after first Year . 4 spaces only New Areas great opportunity.
  11. G

    For Sale: FLIR Scout PS32 (Thermal Imager)

    Ok I am selling my Thermal Imager. FLIR Scout PS32, working perfect and the condition is indicated in the photos. (Condition is good /very good). Anyone that is interested I recommend you come and try it out. PM me for details £1,000 The Tech stuff- The compact, lightweight FLIR Scout II 320...
  12. G

    Not new but just moved to the UK from Ireland in March

    Hi I have justed moved to the UK from Ireland and now living in Markyate near St Albans. Just after filling out and submitting firearms paperwork and not sure how long that will take to process. An avid deer stalker with plenty of ground in Ireland, which I will be flying back to as much as...
  13. Z

    Wanted: Syndicate place, Hampshire

    On the off chance, does anyone know of any syndicate places or small leases available in or around Hampshire? I've been pipped to the post on two syndicate places in the last six months (old member returning and brother of main leaseholder joining) and I am really hoping for third time lucky...
  14. D

    Wanted: Donegal / Derry, Ireland. Deer stalking permission, syndicate place or equivalent

    Hi, I am new to this site so please excuse the use of any wrong terminology or any incorrect assumptions I have made. I am trying every avenue I can to try and make some inroads to the stalking fraternity. So would be grateful if anyone could provide any land with Deer stalking permission, a...
  15. G

    Available: Possible Syndicate Scottish Borders

    This is a FC tender and need 5 members. usual FC requirements DSC 1 & 2 needed EFAW & Part F. (Forestry) Insurance Syndicate members will have to pass FCS shooting test. pm if interested.
  16. JRoe

    Available: Syndicate places - - Roe Stalking near Inverness.

    Stalking Syndicate places 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 I have Syndicate places available for unaccompanied Stalkers in the Carse of Ardersier near Inverness. 2,500 acres mixed forestry and arable. Roe Deer only. Price is £750 for one year or Standing order/direct debit of £70 per...
  17. 5

    Wanted: Stalking syndicate in Argyll

    Howdy Folks, I'm looking for a place in a syndicate if anyone can help or knows of any that might become available. I've got DSC1 and insurance. Thanks for your help, 56NSRD
  18. dmouland

    Wanted: Red/ Fallow/Sika culling Sussex or syndicate place

    Hi there, I am looking for either someone to book with for the end of this year or early next year for some Sika/red/Fallow culling in/nr Sussex? Or a possible syndicate opening (Happy to pay for grounds with good population. I stalk with a good friend who tends to like to follow and watch/help...
  19. M

    Wanted: Looking for Syndicate Aberdeenshire, have DSCL1

    Hi there, I'm looking for some ground or a Syndicate in Aberdeenshire (or near within 50miles or so of Glasgow). I have DSCL1 and BASC membership, have previously rented forestry commission land near Bearsden where I'm origionaly from. Please give me a call if you have anything in either area...
  20. R

    Available: syndicate places

    Syndicate places currently available for dsc level 1 or 2 holders ranging from Scottish lowlands/borders to west coast Argyll area. Species varied depending on location of forest(red/sika/roe). For more information p/m me or contact me on and don't forget to visit...