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Hey all

I have available a number of placements at varied prices within the North and Northeast of Scotland.

Locations include premium woodland stalking in Sutherland, Morayshire and Ross-Shire.

All places require DSC - FAC (Scottish Deer Legal Calibre) and Insurance (BASC-SACS is suffice)

email me your details for further information - syndicate@fieldsportsscotland.com or fill in your enquiry here. or call 07415 723 492

All places are booked Via online Calendar minimum 48 hours in advance of attending a property with confirmation email to the lease owner.

All Deer are kept by the gun, No larder facilities onsite in any of the locations at the moment so extraction and beast processing is to the responsibility of the guns.

The use of Highseats are the sole responsibility of the gun.

Maps are available after confirmation of DSC and FAC has been sent. This is for security purposes.

This is recreational syndicate places only. Guns are NOT expected to make cull targets and there is no pressure on guns to shoot deer in locations they are not comfortable with.

ALL our sites are recreational sites only unless stated otherwise.