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  1. Wanted: Wanted - Roe, Muntjac - Surrey/ Hampshire area

    After 12 years, a divorce (the landowner, not me..) means I will loose the main piece of ground I current have and I am looking for lease opportunities in and around the Surrey/ Hampshire border area (within 30-40 minutes of Hindhead) for Roe (happy to control Vermin etc) I have never had to...
  2. Fallow and Roe Stalker

    I have been shooting for around 40 years, deer stalking for only 5. I have DSC levels 1 & 2. Mostly shoot in Devon and Cornwall for fallow and Roe. My favourite calibre is my sabatti 6.5 x 55 but I also shoot my sako 85. 243
  3. New member

    Hi my name is Craig I am 29 and been hunting since a child. I currently hold an FAC licence for 22 lr, 17hmr, a high capacity shotgun and i am currently awaiting a 243 calibre variation. I am living in Gloucester and would welcome any stalk days (paid,free or as a spectator) before my DSC1...
  4. Available: Syndicate Places Available Highlands Of Scotland

    Hey all I have available a number of placements at varied prices within the North and Northeast of Scotland. Locations include premium woodland stalking in Sutherland, Morayshire and Ross-Shire. All places require DSC - FAC (Scottish Deer Legal Calibre) and Insurance (BASC-SACS is suffice)...
  5. Stalking near Perth

    Hi All I'll be in Scotland this July for a wedding and I've sensibly booked myself an extra day whilst up there. I'd like to get a days guided Roe buck stalk in on a Saturday. Does anyone have any recommendations for organisations/estates? Many thanks, Steve.
  6. Chalke Valley Stalk

    Day One I had booked off Friday and was looking forward to a trip down to the Chalke Valley. Once I had checked and rechecked that I had everything I arrived at Ivythorne for a 10:00am zeroing session. The range was empty and I took my time to put 8 rounds into the targets at 100 metres...
  7. Hello from the Highlands

    New on here so here I am ! do a lot of lowland stalking with 25-06 and 22-250 and .17. Lucky enough to have red,sika and roe and plenty vermin. Looking forward to getting the banter on here .
  8. A weekend of Stalking - Thanks Malcolm

    Now that I have caught up with some sleep, cleaned all my gear and put everything away, I can sit back and give you guys an account of my weekend out with Malcolm, Joe and of course, Toby! For those who have never been out stalking with Malcolm, get you head examined and book a few stalks. You...
  9. Available: Roe Buck Stalking - Pitlochry - Saturday 20th April 2013

    This is the first client day of the season. This is mainly for hill bucks out on the moorland but potentially lowland bucks as well, great experience and challenging stalking. The stalking is guided and aided using 4 x 4 and quad for better access. £100 for the outing (first light - lunchtime...
  10. Wanted: Roebuck stalking

    Hi. I want to hunt roebuck in scottland in may/june. Are there anyone who rent out stalking on that time? If there are some one, please answer me. Anders
  11. New member

    Hello to everyone, I´m a spanish hunter who wants to share experiences with all of you. 270 win with my old boy Mauser 66 is my rifle for roe deers. 20 years stalking roe deers and they still teaching me !!
  12. Available: Offer for stalk hunting for red deer in BG

    Offer for stalk hunting for red deer Includes: 5 night stays and 4 hunting days; One red deer trophy up to 6 kg. Prices: 1 hunter - € 2600, additional hunting day - € 250; 2 hunters - € 2400, additional hunting day - € 220. For persons accompanying hunters - € 590, additional...
  13. Available: Roe buck hunting in Bulgaria

    ROE BUCK and/or CAPERCAILLIE INDIVIDUAL The hunting is arranged only during the mating season. Our best hunting grounds are located in the Rhodope- and in the Balkan Mountains where we earned great success in all the last years. We try to compensate you for the quite high shooting fees...
  14. Hunting in Bulgaria

    If you want to advertise on here then you have to become a trade member, £10 per month is the basic rate. John
  15. Taxidermy brochure for 2011 hunting season,

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