22-250 moderator


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Acquiring a 22-250 (standard hunter profile barrel, 21.5" 14x1) and require to purchase a moderator to quieten the barky thing that is 22-250.
Experiences of any of the current generation of moderators on this caliber appreciated folks.


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DPT , overbarrel version
I run a standard version on my T3 20" barrel 22-250
I also have the magnum version and it is quieter, but the extra length is a pain when shooting from a vehicle.
If you need more moderation, buy more baffles for it




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can recomend wildcat evolution easy strip for cleaning different thread adapters and calibre specific baffles available should you ever want to swap it over to another rifle


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I can also recommend the DPT, mine has a couple of extra baffles on but, it's a 308 cal, for my 308... I've another 308 cal mod that I mostly use on it and it's an Atec maxim. These are what I use on my 22-250. Haven't got a 224 specific mod for the 22-250, never thought I needed one. Like has been said, the DPT can be a bit on the long side if you add baffles but, they are a smidge quieter. I know Atec have had a knocking but mine is five years old and had a few hot rounds through it and it's as good as the day I bought it. These are used for stalking and a bit load development, I'm not a target fan. Bit of bike inner tube stretched over them takes the ping out of them and quietens them up if you bash them about a bit, like I seem to do...

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