80gr 243 bullets for deer


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Is there any 80 gr 6mm bullets for deer rather than varmints? Loads of 80gr stuff available but they all seem to be varmint bullets with light jackets. I know Sierra do 85gr game king but they are like gold dust just now, had 85gr partitions and they were very fussy just wondering if there is anything else around this weight
I have been using Speer 85 grain BTSP for years and taken everything from Red to Muntjac with them. Loaded to just over 3,000 fps mv with N160.
Now using Barnes TSX 85 grain with N160 where non-toxic is required. I have taken Roe and Muntjac with them so far, with no problems.
I used the 70gr Nosler ballistic tip and found it a little fragile , the hard to find 80gr ballistic tip was an entirely different bullet much stouter construction and jolly good in the 243
The sierra 80g sptb blitz is a great bullet, used it for a while until I changed to 87g vmax
I will second that, they are, or appear to be quite a hard varmint bullet, I have shot fox, Muntjac, CWD, and Roe with them, absolutely no probs to report.
Another vote for the Fox Classic 80 grain. Shot fox, muntjac, roe and fallow with perfect results and thumb nail size groups at 100 yds.
The 80gr varmint Sierra BTSP behaves like a good game bullet and is super accurate. Friend used them in his ppc and we had them in a 243 years back. dropped fox and even Sika stag in the rut. Bullet would mushroom perfectly.
It’s a pity Sako don’t make their game head in .243 80
But they do it in a 90 and they are superb.
My first thought is there is probably a Monolithic Copper bullet .
Barnes are well known.
Hammer Bullets from the USA are expanding the range but I'm not sure if they have a retailer you can source them from.
Is there anyone in the UK producing copper projectiles?
There's a lot to it but put simply they are turned on an automated CNC lathe. It's just the design and theory that goes into it that affects the ballistics and the performance on game.