A big hello from Tanglatours


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A warm welcome to anyone reading this. This is a reintroduction as I have been floating around on here for a few years now. I have decided to take on trade membership in order to let a wider audience know about the hunting (and fishing) trips I organise around the world. I have been doing this since 2000 and have strong ties with a select group of outfitters and private hunters in Africa, Russia and of course Europe.

The purpose of the reintroduction is to add some credibility to any offers that will follow shortly here on The Stalking Directory. It is important for any prospective clients to understand that I have been doing this successfully for 19 years. For clarity let me repeat; I have been doing this successfully for 19 years, there is no we, no cumulative years of experience to sound implausibly impressive.

It is fair to ask what makes hunting with me different? My reply is simple; attention to detail, personalised service and exceptionally strong links with the end providers of any service I use. In many cases I have known those involved for 10 or even 15 years. The benefit to you is peace of mind and a worry-free process from start to finish.

So here we go: I can go direct, why use Tanglatours, why pay more?

Of course, you can easily look for hunts anywhere in the world by surfing the internet, but do you know what you are getting yourself into? Are those photographs really where you are going, are those reviews real? I hate to get negative, but you need to know the reality. People do lose money as fake outfits or phony (or even real) Ph’s suddenly disappear overnight. It can get even worse; hunters have been arrested because they have unwittingly been poaching as a result of placing their trust in a corrupt individual or organisation. The penalties for making this mistake can be extremely severe.

I want to save money, why pay more by using Tanglatours? Very simple answer here. In addition to the benefits described above the great news is that you don’t pay anymore, simple fact. It really comes down to buying power. When an individual or small group attempts to deal direct, the hunting outfit is under pressure to optimise the amount of revenue they get out of that trip. They also know full well that there is every chance this will be the last time they see you. When booking through a reputable agent that outfit knows they need to be constantly competitive and consistently sending home very happy hunters. In summary, this means you the client, will often pay less than going direct and will benefit from extra assurances by being part of a bigger picture.

I will be offering hunting packages as these are often the best way to kick start your African journey. I do of course organise much more involved adventures, tell me what your dream is, and I will tell you honestly if I can help make it happen.

Happy hunting,