Aladdin slipper roe doe


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Hello, over the weekend I shot a very old roe doe, with aladdin slippers. How do you preserve the hoof? Ive kept them for records.

Teeth extremely worn down indicating 8yrs+.

She was suffering in a stooped gait, splayed legs and gingerley walking to a feeder. Havitual grain feeder wjth marks to back of neck where she was rubbing against wire as head went through fence.

heart and lung shot, dropped in place. One tick, no abnormal lymph glands or other signs of disease. Zero fat on kidneys and hip bones could be felt.

Pictures below. Interested in comments on hooves and teeth condition-see pics. Method of preserving hoof woukd be much appreciated.



shakey jake

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A keeper I know uses deer feet as coat hangers he sets the toes pointing at 90 to the bone then soaks in meths for a few weeks I'll check times if you want