Bbc2 Monica galettis cook abroad


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Anyone interested Monica Gillette’s cooks abroad out hunting in France with dogs for wild boar, very interesting for the bbc to show our side of things in full


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What great watch really enjoyed that. Never been to that part of France but I might now.


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Really good programme, and dealt with hunting with dogs, not everyone’s cup of tea, in a calm and non-judgemental way.

I missed it five years ago.
The Problem with it is the other parts all about Food. I‘d never heard of mont d’or or Comte cheeses before watching this and have just blown £50 on a box of comte and various other fine French fromagerie. Plus the same website sold speck and other meats so it has cost me dearly but this weekend will be a cheese and cured meat odyssey.

if I can’t stalk I shall eat instead. Cheese and crates of Kölsch is still less than the diesel to go to Scotland I suppose.


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Yes it was a suprise for the BBC to actually give a balanced airing and i really enjoyed it.
Gotta remember the BBC clearly don't know their a£$e from their elbow, so they rely on outside production companies to deliver content. Be sure to let them know they've got it right, you never know, it might help the fight against the blatlant bias displayed by the CCP - Cwis Cweatures Pwoductions; if enough follow this line (complain when bias is showed) then eventually the penny may drop with the gullible luvvies.


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I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it. She was pretty complimentary about the hunt and it’s traditions even though the lass, who although clearly upset by the method of hunt (dogs and sticking the pig with a knife), got in there and her hands dirty afterwards.

Perhaps we need more of these documentaries with level headed people presenting them to show that hunting should be respected and that not everything comes in vacuum packed containers.


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I was in shock watching it ,a balanced wildlife hunting and cooking show allowing people to make their own mind up without biased bullfeathers from cliss and the duty "vegans" usually employed.
She got in there butchering and skinning and as said although she didnt like hunting with dogs she accepted and agreed it,s their way of life and that wood fire cooked Roe with booze in looked amazing


Watched the programme when it first aired and couldn't believe how balanced it was, watched it again on iPlayer recently and enjoyed it again.