Blaser Success bipod stud query


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I am looking to install a Harris style bipod stud into my Blaser R8 Success, I have done a search on here and people seem to suggest using a HB2A but this info only relates to the professional model.

The HB2A stud is only £10 where as the one Blaser distributors have quoted is £56! Are they completely different? Has anyone fitted a Harris HB2A to a success stock?

Thanks in advance!


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Unfortunately blaser seem to make everything awkward. "euro spec" is usually quoted. Just get yourself a Javilin bipod with the blaser adapter and be done with the Harris.


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I know it's an R93 but still a pro success when I bought mine from Macleods they fitted one with a plate inside the stock which the stud screwed into. This was done at no cost and left the original sling fitting in place. Another vote for Macleods.


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My R8 professional Success thumbhole stock came direct from factory with both the smaller bore Euro sling fitting on the end of the fore end and the larger diameter pin bipod fitting in the normal place underneath. It just has an aluminium(?) nut glued into the recess in the stock.

Easy to DIY.