Branching Out

My name is Eddy Corona and live in Phoenix Arizona USA. Over the years I have met many great people who shoot and hunt from across the world. I came across this site while doing a search for a Blaser R93 22-250 barrel. I really like to hunt, just getting outdoors is awesome. If I am lucky to harvest any game that's the cherry on top. I hunt about 235 days a year and trying to spend more time at home is hard. I am learning more about long-range shooting not for hunting but for fun and friendly competition. I do attend the Wild Sheep Foundation Expo in Reno Nevada, Safari Club International in Las Vegas or Reno Nevada, The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt lake City Utah and sometimes I go to the Dallas Safari Club Expo in Dallas\Fort Worth Texas. I consult with The Outdoorsmans, we specialize in Optics, Backpacks and Tripods. Also Anyone from anywhere can apply to hunt in Arizona. You don't have to be a resident or USA Citizen. IF you have questions on hunting in Arizona. Send me a message I am not a outfitter but do have a lot of friends from around the world who come hunt with me. They pay their way and campout with my crew. It is way easy and I am surprised how many people don't take advantage of this. Last, I don't do forums and I hope I didn't screw up, I will be learning how this works. Thanks for the welcome.


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Welcome Eddy just jump right on in and start chatting we are a friendly lot here