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  1. Sold: Element Titan ffp 5-25 x 56 IR scope £510

    Element Titan Model up from the Helix First focal plane 34mm tube 5 -25 x 56 APR-D reticle - illuminated ED Glass Multiple multi coated lenses Side parallax Mrad turrets made for dialling, with zero stop mechanism Excellent overall condition- as new. Few months old and only used on...
  2. Adjustable Parallax - How Essential?

    Interested in peoples thoughts on the following: how essential is adjustable parallax on a 2.5 - 10 scope that will only be used for deerstalking out to 250yds?

  4. First Focal Plane or Second Focal Plane?

    (Forgive me if this has been asked before, I couldn't find the topic) Hi all, I'm quite unfamiliar with the world of optics, being new. Currently, I haven't been on a stalk yet (Booked one in the new year), I'm researching into equipment and getting more familiarized with what I should look...
  5. Sold: Karl Kaps Wezler 8 x 56 scope 30mm £200

    As above An older Karl Caps/Wezler scope 8 x 56, no.1 reticle. 30mm tube. Serviced earlier this year. Boxed. £200.00 posted.
  6. For Sale: Swarovski EL 12x50 SV Binoculars + accessories

    In very good, almost new condition with the original box and extra accessories (straps, bag and caps). The very little use they have had, has all been from a vehicle. Used under 10 times. £1750 for all. Selling these due to them being too good for my needs and looking for something a bit...
  7. Swarovski 12x50 Binoculars for SALE + additional items

    FOR SALE: Swarovski EL 12x50 SV Binoculars + accessories. £1800. (SWAROVSKI OPTIK – EL 50 Binoculars) In very good, almost new condition. The very little use they have had, has all been from a vehicle. Selling these due to them being too good for my needs and looking for something a bit more...
  8. Blog Article - "How Much Is a Rifle Scope?"

    We are trying to answer some fairly simple questions (yet they take a lot of explaining) in our new series of blog posts. They are mainly aimed at beginners or people who do not have much technical knowledge, but a good read for everyone hopefully! Read it here: How much is a Rifle Scope...
  9. Scope Ring/Mount options

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my shopping list in order for when my FAC comes back with my variation I've applied for. I'm looking for possible alternative options for scope mounts. I have Spuhr ISMS on both of my target rifles and am very pleased with them so far but it is quite heavy and I'd...
  10. Branching Out

    My name is Eddy Corona and live in Phoenix Arizona USA. Over the years I have met many great people who shoot and hunt from across the world. I came across this site while doing a search for a Blaser R93 22-250 barrel. I really like to hunt, just getting outdoors is awesome. If I am lucky to...
  11. Sold: Hawke Vantage AO 3x9-50 IR Mil Dot

    Hawke Vantage IR AO 3-9x50 mil dot. Used only a few times. Perfect condition. Come with hawk mounts. Can let you have weaver high or regular dovetails. Let me know which you require. Box infections cloth all included. £72:50 plus postage if your choice. Been on .22 but purchased a photon.
  12. For Sale: Hawk Vantage scope AO 3-9x50 IR mil dot

    Hawke Vantage AO 3-9X50 IR Mil dot. It's used but immaculate condition. Owned a few months and used only a few times. Been on .22. Tried getting it going with archer for rats but wasn't overly compatible so bought a photon. I have two sets on mounts. Hawk Weaver high and hawk dovetail. One set...
  13. For Sale: Swarovski ds 5-25x52

    Swarovski ds 5-25x52 now in stock! Phone now on 01862892171 for more information!
  14. Ward D vision 800

    Hi all ive been looking at this as it looks like a really good add on so was wondering if anyone currently using the 800 Can give me some feedback about how it is i would be adding onto a Swaro Z6I
  15. Sold: Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 As new

    I am selling a 3 week old Hawk Sidewinder 30 SF 6-24x56. Has original box, instructions, sun shade, focus wheel and metal flip up caps. Selling only for a scope that I've been offered in a higher price bracket. Has been mounted to rifle, but absolutely no marks on it - immaculate condition. I...
  16. New Trade Member- Cluny

    Hello Everyone, We are a large firearms, optics and clothing dealer in Fife, central Scotland. We deal in new and second hand for almost all major brands -all of which can be seen on our two brand new websites: For Optics and Clothing & Footwear- www.clunystore.co.uk For Shotguns & Rifles-...
  17. Wanted, Swarovski Binos EL 10x42 0r 8.5 x 42

    Hi Everybody I am looking for a pair of Swarovski EL 10x42 or 8.5x42 Binoculars If anyone has a pair for sale and not asking silly money would love to hear from you or message. Thanks for reading guys Hopefully hear from some one soon!!! Pete
  18. Oil Screws on Mounts?

    Hi All, I have just ordered some Leupold Mauser mounts for my .308 Parker Hale, and had a quick look at a video guide (I think by Leupold) which said you can use Loctite on the screws, but they recommend no loctite, but gun oil instead. This seems counter-productive, as surely we are looking to...
  19. Swarovski vs Sightron opinions ?

    hi guys im just about to buy a new better magnification scope with illuminated reticle and im looking for some experienced advice and an answer please is swaro z6i really worth £1000 more than the equivalent Sightron scope with illumination and same magnification ??? thanks in advance guys
  20. Anyone used Yukon pro ranger night vision??

    Hi guys I thinking about buying a Yukon pro ranger night vision monocular and would like to know if anyone had one or used one as I feel I will get honest advice on hear rather than from someone who is actually trying to sell me one any info on distance and quality etc would be great or if...
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