Available: British Wild Boar


Couple of our recent boar, 90% of our boar are taken during daylight, the boar on the right was taken just before last light. We shoot once every 7 days and can accommodate up to 6 clients at a time, with each client having a double high seat or European style tower, all overlooking feed rides . Estate rifles and full supervision available, full recovery and larder facilities. Email info@britishshootingservices.co.uk for an information /price PDF.

Wil Board

Shot with Ade and BSS many times over the last 13 months always helpful always friendly, seen plenty of Boar with him probably more than most, and had a lot of
success. Biggest being 110KGS.
If you want to try Boar then this is as good a place to start as any. This was Wednesday night at his estate there are more Videos on my facebook page.