Cleaning rod thread sizes.


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I'm looking for the thread sizes of the following rods. All male threads.

Thought it it would be easy to find out, naively. As I wanted to make some small handles for brushes and mops for case prep and chamber cleaning. I didn't want to be adapting brushes and mops. As I see them as consumables which you buy with that particular thread and I didn't want to buy rods and cut them down.

17 hmr, one I have is either 5/40 unc or 5/44 unf. But not sure.

.22 rod up to 6mm. Thread is very similar to 4 BA or may we'll be a 4BA ???

Parker hale, black handle rod .270 up I think but for .30 cal for me. brushes are Bisley or Parker hale. Thread may be Enfield thread, whatever that is. ( can get something like from memory as I can't find it @ the mo, a 3/16 24 whit tap ) part way down brush Ferrell.

So if anyone can confirm or offer advice on the 3 rods threads I would be grateful.

I'm sure this has all been asked before and I may have read the previous threads. But it's sort of irritated me that I can't get a straight answer.

If anyone one comes across this whilst searching I have found the following, which may help others.

.410 thread 5/16 27 can use a 1/16 27 NPT tap, although it's tapered.If threaded to max diameter it's fine.

The 12 28 unf is not the Parker rod as 1st thought. As I have cut both male and female threads. May adjust die to cut deeper thread and test again.

8-32 UNC is the American rod, thread size for there male thread on the brushes and the tapped hole in one end of the bisley adaptor. Although there also appears to be a 8-36 UNF.

yeah, I know before some of you say get a life. But someone must know the answe for sure as the dam things are made. I know getting a tap and die may well prove to be even harder and it will probably be cheaper to buy rods and cut down.


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Don't know the sizes, but if you do find out, search for a company called Tracy Tools. I think they may be in Devon. Usually advertise in classic bike. They stock an amazing rangd of taps and dies.


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17 PH rod is a 5-40 UNC, i have taps in this size as i have made female brass adaptor to enable fitting Pro shot spear point jags