Available: CWD & Muntjac outings near Woburn - Winter season 2016-2017


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Hi Folks,

Time for another trip up to our grounds near Woburn, for a bit of control on the local CWD population.

We will be making three or four visits to the ground during the winter season (the ground is not otherwise stalked) & if you are able to join us, you stand a fine chance of catching up with some of these fantastic little deer.

CWD will rut during the middle of December and we currently have availability if you can take advantage.

Quality is good, indeed ShootingDuckDog from this site was fortunate enough to take a buck that for a time, scored as the second largest ever taken in the UK. Many Golds and other medal grade bucks indicate that the genetics are pretty strong around Woburn!

One days stalking and shooting from high seats (2x outings) £ 160.

All does + Juvenile Bucks (to one cm exposed tusk length) 150

Representative Bucks 250

Medal Bucks inc CIC GOLD 350

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There is local lodge accommodation/restaurant three minutes from the grounds, for those having to travel. Obviously, this can be shared to reduce expenditure.

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The grounds consist of young woodland (pole stage & thicket) surrounded by arable fields. Result is the deer use the farm as a habour area - moving out onto arable to feed. We only visit this site a few times each year - and have consistently taken good medal and representative bucks.

We prefer to hunt during the week (Friday or Mondays preferred) to minimise chances of walker interference, but can do weekends as well - contact me to discuss a date that suits your diary between November and the end of March 2016.

If joining us takes your fancy, then do let me know soonest at info@farringtonds.com , but should you have any queries, please do get in touch and we can discuss.

Best Wishes,

Ian ;)
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Meanwhile - the season goes well, with a few Gold medal beasts being taken. Plenty numbers of medal quality animals still showing - when the weather is friendly! :)

We will be visiting a few more times over next couple months, so get in touch if you fancy coming along!

Best wishes,