Deer shoes ?!?!?!


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It's as described - shoes for laying a deer track without putting your own boots on the ground. Haven't you ever been asked for deer legs? Regards JCS


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But why would you want or need to do that?
Deer have scent in there feet. This aid enables you to lay a trail using the deer feet. and at the end of the trail you can leave blood or the head or something for the dog to find. for tracking dogs.
mind you would look crazy wandering around the park in a pair.
ATB Tommy

tony rentokil

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I thought they were for potential deer guides,so they can show you hundreds of deer slots,when walking you round,sorry guys some one had to start it:oops:


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Ha ha they are very well used here. 2 to 3 training tracks laid a week. Funny looks when you meet a dog walker especially when adorned with a sash of flag tape... Looking at bit like a Morris dancer and a Hawian hula girl.

No blood training for cold scent tracking....Rhodesian ridgebacks are supposed to be pretty handy at following