Delima Sako v Mauser


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Im looking to get another .243 opinions on sako A7 or mauser M12 whats the pros and cons im liking the mauser.
This would be for stalking only.
Cheers Alan


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I have a sako quad in 17 hmr and 22 mag,I have just ordered (LOL long story) a sako barvarian carbine in 3006 ,I was in the same boat I did look at the Mauser,but decided on the sako if you wanted to sell the sako after it would be just a bit more easier to sell than the Mauser , sako are just a tad more popular than the Mauser ,nothing wrong with the Mauser I like them a lot , what model of sako were you looking at if its a special order you have to wait a bit like me LOL atb Steve


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if your looking at a sako A7 then personaly i would either spend the extra and get a 85 or if thats not an option get a tikka and save even more cash than if you were to buy a A7, ive never shot or owned a mauser but io picked up an m12 impact the other day at my local gunshop and for what its worth i was very impressed


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I'd choose the Mauser over the Sako any day but then again I own a Mauser M03 :) the synthetic stock just feels so good and grippy with the rubber inserts , and it's got a better safety as its on the bolt rather than a trigger safety

If I was going to buy a Sako id choose an 85 over an A7


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Thanks lads i think the sako A7 mag is a bit crappy made the mauser M12 just looks and feels so much better,the 85 is a cracking rifle but a lot more money.


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As far as I understood they use Bergara barrels in the M12 which is a good thing and many are happy with accuracy. Then again the rifle is built as a throw away rifle. Once the barrel is shot out or rusted or anything else happens one can forget it. I recon it could be difficult to sell a used M12 because of that. More than half of the rifles I own have replacement barrels on them. For that reason I would certainly choose any Tikka, Sako, Remmy etc. over a M12 or Sauer 101.

norma 308

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made in the blaser factory and by the time mines shot out jager will have sussed out how to replace the barrel and for a £1k what do you expect ! we pay £20k plus for 4x4s they don't last a lifetime when used for what they're made for nothing really does !
don't think mine will get shot out or thrown away in my lifetime


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The M12 impact has a stainless barrel i think so no rust,and with having a few other rifles i want shoot it out either,cant really go wrong with that for the money,and spend on good glass too top it off.
I'm loving my M12 so far, it's got a Z6i on top, DPT moderator and the accuracy from he box has been cracking.

The barrel isn't stainless it's coated in a silver colour.