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Here is a snap shot of my regular effort 28.1 miles commute home. This info is recorded on my gps tracking app as I go. Note average over the distance tops 20mph and top speed over 40mph (national speed limit - down hill) the gray shaded area is the elevation so not exactly a flat ride.
My reason for cycling boils down to the fact I can't afford to fuel the Hilux to commute daily and still afford to go shooting. No I won't get a smaller car, I love the pickup & my shooting. It's just a bonus that I also enjoy cycling, it keeps me fit. I'm not the average burst mattress bulging out of my Lycra on a £200 Halfords special. In fact I could have probably bought a small second hand car for the cost of my bike.
So if I ever decide to cycle around your way "rodp" wherever that may be and you get stuck behind me just check your speedo before you start cursing and if you feel the urge to squeeze past in an instant you can kiss my Lycra clad ass as you pass xxx


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Sorry, I have never heard of road tax.
You may mean vehicle excise duty wich is based on the amount of emissions a vehicle emits.
Unlike your gas guzzling vehicles, cyclist emits nothing.....hence they pay nothing.

Emissions from engines did 'nt come into it when road tax was invented.


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I live near Cambridge , I firmly believe that cyclists should have a test with an endorsable licence , insurance-third party at least, mot of some description and pay an element of road tax.

I cycle so have nothing against cyclists per se but my goodness some of them are arrogant !

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So now we have shooters attacking shooters, on a shooting forum, over cycling :confused:
Some of you need to engage the the brain before typing.

Neil. :)


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Some people need to get a personality change, and a sense of humour. Accusing people of not being fit to own a firearm because of their not being in favour of cyclists is a bit too far.

So guess what:closed:
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