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i shoot 150gn hornady soft points through my 308 blaser and can get consistant half inch groups at 100m...i havent botherd to try anything else.



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Hi Bucksden
For my Blaser R93 .308win I'm sticking with Norma BST 150gr, it gives good groups on the range and good results on the deer (hits hard and not too much meat damage). I always thought I would be a Federal Premium guy, but the Norma was excellent, there wasn't much in it but the Norma was slightly better on the range, and I could get hold of it easier too.

Incidentally I use the .308 in preference to the .243 now saving the lighter calibre for foxes or where the local constabulary haven't cleared the ground for the .308

I don't home load as I don't shoot enough to justify that (plus the missus would kick up about all the extra gear - I have enough already apparently) so I use factory loads.
I love the Fed Prem 85gr BTHP in the 243 and the Norma 150gr BST in .308.

I followed the advice of many on this forum and tried a load of different cartridges, some were mixed results (Prvi), some were good but too expensive (Lapua) and some were too difficult to get hold of quickly (RWS and Winchester) or in larger quantities, at least in my area.

Fed and Norma worked for me and my Blaser, but I am happy to admit that they may not be the best for others, I am also sure that the homeloaders here could come up with a sweeter mix, I have neither the time nor need to try that route.


Offroad Gary

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cheers for the update.

i too prefer the .308 now i've started using it. .243 for charlie or chance munty/roe but always the .308 if im looking for deer.

cheers from the R93 fan club
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