FINALLY, My First UK Boar ...................................


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Well, after numerous attempts to shoot a UK boar, and failing abysmally, last night it was ticked off the list 🥳 I shoot a fair number of driven boar, and some from a high stand at night abroad, but I so wanted to get one here. I nice big keiler would be great 😃 but I'd have been happy to just get on the score board, so to speak.

A friend had invited me to try for one on his land in the Forest Of Dean, I was honoured, as he keeps it very close to his chest. He'd been feeding the ground very regularly, and had loads of pictures of what boar were coming in to feed. There was one sounder, with 2-3 sows, and what must be 20-30 young from this, and last year, several males showing their face.

The stand was great. Well built, easily seat two, plus kit, and the ground had been cleared in front, to the feed station. So I set up, and settled in, expecting to be out all night. I saw a few roe does walking through the thick cover, but no boar, but because the cameras showed the boar coming out early, it was still only 6pm, and sundown wasn't until around 10pm.

As it got dark, I could see lone boar wondering through the woods, about 100m out, but no shot, and they weren't coming in any closer. Then a lone boar appeared, standing off in the trees, and clearly checking the stand out. But no, he was really cautious, and wondered back into the thick cover. This happened a few times, and whilst I've seen really wary boar before, these were the hardest I'd come across.

Next thing, from nowhere, the sounder appeared, 2-3 sows, and all the young, swamping the feed station, like they'd not eaten for days. I'd been asked to shoot a larger male, so these were safe, but I'd been told one big male, tends to feed with them. Well after only 5-10 minutes of feeding, something spooked them, and they were off. Shortly after, a very bright light hit the side of the stand, but then disappeared :oops: visions of an alien abduction followed, but I was lucky this time :eek:

Next came the badgers. One, then two, then three, and finally a fourth. They stayed for ages, squabbling, and making loud noises. Then 3 disappeared, but the other stayed. Shortly after, I heard a noise to my right, but couldn't see anything through the thermal, but the badger had stopped feeding, and was staring in the direction I'd heard the noise. A boar appeared :cool: but will it come in to feed !

Very cautiously, it moved in, and the badger scarpered. The feed station had a pretty narrow window, with trees, and thick cover either side, that the thermal couldn't penetrate. The boar came in, but didn't feed, just kept moving in, and out of sight, like he was testing to see if anyone was in the stand.

I learnt the hard way when I first tried night shooting, that boar really are very clever, and the slightest sound, they're off. So I just kept still, barely wanting to breath, hoping the boar would settle, and start feeding. Cautiously he did. Not the biggest boar I'd seen, but not small, and whilst I knew there were some big males around, I didn't want to lose an opportunity. I reached over for the rifle, and picked it up, making sure I avoided knocking it on anything, and rested it on a fleece, I'd already put over the edge.

Quickly tweak the thermal, and squeeze the trigger................ boar down. A few kicks of the legs, and then still.

Phew, what a relief. It's not easy keeping still, and quite for hours, it was now 1.45am o_O I'd been in the stand for 8 hours !

A few pictures.............

View from stand.jpg

Feed station.jpg

First FOD Boar.jpg

A very long day, but happy, and back home to sleep !



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Well done r kid ,

Excellent stuff, dreams are made by getting out there

Buzzing for ya

Patience, then coldness n boredom , repeated many,many times

Patience works , and add a bit more patience

And then it all comes together :thumb: :tiphat:

Congrats from another wood/ highseat lurking brother

I spent 24hrs last Monday after roe buck in Yorkshire ( Yorkshire buck post) not the best write up , but ...... I get ya mate

Be in it to win it

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Guys, thank you. It was worth the effort.

When I first started night hunting for boar, someone told me, if you want to be successful, you need to put in the time. Time of year obviously makes a difference to sunset time, temps, etc', but if you only go and sit for 2-3 hours, you need to be really lucky, but if you're prepared to put the time in, and sit out all night, the odds of you being successful improve dramatically.

From that day on, it's what I've done. Good kit, and prep' for spare batteries, etc', appropriate clothing, food, hot drink (coffee o_O) a suitable vessel for evacuating ones bladder into, and arrangements for any other waste requirements :rofl: And PATIENCE.

It's rare that I don't shoot something, but then I'll be out for many hours, and whilst you're unlikely to be successful 100% of the time, you soon learn when it's down to luck, or there's just bugger all to shoot !

I'll be going back, there's a big one with my name on it ;)

Uncle f

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Well done good write up and congrats on the pig. Enjoyed reading that and the pictures were pretty cool aswell

regards Steve


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From that day on, it's what I've done. Good kit, and prep' for spare batteries, etc', appropriate clothing, food, hot drink (coffee o_O) a suitable vessel for evacuating ones bladder into, and arrangements for any other waste requirements :rofl: ;)
Well done, and congratulations on overcoming the privations that may be encountered from time to time!


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Nice one Mark :thumb: . I Tend to sit out for max 4 hours but i check roughly what time they are there on the camera. Plus the feeding place is only 300 mtrs from my house. The last boar i shot took at least 10 nights sitting out. I started to get the feeling that they were smarter than me. I've got a young male boar visiting at the moment and when my back is better will sit out for him.


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If I were hunting a few hundred meters from my house, I also wouldn't feel the need to be out so long, but it's also not somewhere I can just go when I want, so I had to get the best from the opportunity. You know how fortunate you are :tiphat:

I'd been sent pictures from the game camera, showing times, and my friend said they were actually showing as early as 7pm, which is why I set up so early. We even joked that I may be in the stand an hour, shoot, and be ready to drive back home :doh:

It was exciting, because there was a lot moving from 7-8pm, just staying on the periphery, or moving through. I estimate I saw 30-40 boar over the time I was out, including the sounder of sows, and young, which bodes well for future hunting !


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One thing's for sure, you appreciate it more. I have also sat numerous hours in a boar hide or highseat but generally find as you did that there is generally plenty of other wildlife to watch. My normal form is that the pigs are back on a monday night after sitting fri sat sun :doh: . Bit like shooting a gold medal deer as your first, all downhill from there on....


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Sitting silently all night waiting for boar is a pretty intense form of hunting that requires a sustained stillness and focus on the part of the hunter. I am hooked.

I too got a boar in FoD that same night. The place is crawling with them. I will be back.


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Well done great Wright up I know how hard they are to catch up with took me several attempts before I got mine


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Well done great Wright up I know how hard they are to catch up with took me several attempts before I got mine
There are ways to load things a bit in your favour in a highseat stakeout: identify your preferred [safe] target site by daylight and pepper that area with food that boar like. £5 gets me half a pallet of spoiled fruit from the local fruiterer. Maize also works well.

In my limited experience, placing the food in the daylight has always brought pigs in the night. 3-0 to me on outings so far.

Anyone tried baiting sites with one of the sow pheromone attractants like Hagopur?


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Well done great Wright up I know how hard they are to catch up with took me several attempts before I got mine
Yes, that was my seventh night out. First six, were less than successful, but it seems people offering boar, have improved both facilities, and feeding regime, and people are being more successful. It would be interesting to know what that success ratio is.

Zambezi's 3-0 is excellent, but I very much doubt everyone is so lucky.

I think it's "catch 22". There's so little affordable boar hunting offered, those who have it, are under constant pressure from people wanting to hunt. It's hard for some people to turn away paying customers @ £150.00 a time, plus meat money, if they are successful, and easy to start overshooting an area.

I can't wait to get back out again. Under normal circumstances, I'd have been out to Hungry with "Hungarian George", a couple of times by now, but Covid has scuppered that :rolleyes: It looks like international travel is going to start opening up. 🤞


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easy to start overshooting an area
The fresh sign in @ELMER FUDD 's part of the Forest of Dean suggests to me that numbers there are on the rise. Like I say, I have seen boar everytime I've been.

What I would concede is that not all were shooters [suckling sows], and I have never seen any of the fabled 250lb keilers. [But Barry has shown me the pics]

I shoot for the freezer. There has always been an example of that size boar. My 5th June 2020 boar weighed 98lb.


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There's certainly no shortage of boar in the FOD. As I said, I saw around 40, including the sounder of sows, and young. Had one chance, and took it.

I'm sure the inexperienced underestimate how clever the boar are, and how good their hearing is. They know exactly where the towers are, and spend time checking them out, before they'll come in to the feed station, and no matter how silent, there's no guaranty they'll trust it's safe.

Just don't make a sound, and keep your fingers crossed !