Gun cabinet location help please..

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Hairy Spiker

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I currently have a deep rifle cabinet fitted under the stairs bolted to the external wall which is concrete block and rendered.

I want to fit a bigger cabinet but it wont fit due to the angle of stairs. I always thought it had to be fixed to a brick/block wall? I have a cupboard upstairs which is timber studwork as its in the centre of the house, im wondering if it would be ok? I can strip of plasterboard and fill with timber behind, before fitting. I know of people fitting in lofts to joists which was ok (i wont be doing that). I can also make the door lockable to the cupboard itself.

Is there anything that actually says you lawfully have to fix to a block wall or is it just preferred?

Realistically once its all bolted in, you will never get it out, plus it weighs over 90kg empty! If they want it they will just cut it open with a battery grinder!

I'll probably give the F.E.O a buzz, just wanted some opinions before ringing.
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