Hampshire Meet Wednesday 29th May

Um, so you want me to move the date and the location? Anything else?

Unfortunately the week after I am off abroad myself and the week before I am travelling about an hour and a quarter to go to the meet at the doghouse.

However, if you organise an event when I am back I will happily drive the hour to come to yours. :thumb:
Well, as I live fairly local…… I can be there from 6pm.
But, shall we say 7pm? Gives everyone time to get home, put their camo on and look like hunting people. :lol:

Speaking of which, I was out for a walk yesterday evening and just going past the pub and about 8 4x4s went past me. They didn’t look like they were off roaders, more like shooty vehicles. It was a bit late to be going out stalking as sunset was only a half hour away. Wondered if I was missing out on anything.
It is whatever we make it.
Last year I was trying to sell my high value merchandise, again and ended up buying a load of ammo instead.
Eat, drink and discuss the latest black panther sighting in the area. :lol:
Do you mean Faccombe?.
I have met the keeper and his wife a couple of times. But those guys work such long hours the last thing I am sure they want to do is meet up and listen to us talk about the super medals we didn’t shoot. lol.

We are surrounded by large estates which I don’t have a lot to do with to be honest. They keep all their stuff in-house as far as I am aware and I can’t afford pheasant shooting. Or maybe, they just don’t like me. I know, hard to believe.
No Combe, further over from West Woodhay,back side of Combe Gibbet.
Back of Linkenholt.
East of VD,a local abbreviation we used to laugh at.
Knew Paul ex Faccombe,my godson, and little brother work Linkenholt.
I went to school with the headkeepers wife.
My lifelong friend West Woodhay.
A nipper from the village at Highclere..

Good productive Estates.