Hausken JD224 moderator/calibre change


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Question for ye lads

I have a Hausken JD224 Hunter mod for a 6.5 bored rifle which I've been using on my .223. Next year I'm planning on applying for a deer licence, and a deer-legal calibre rifle also. I'll be looking for a second-hand rifle, and I was wondering, if I found a tasty rifle at a decent price in a calibre bigger than 6.5, could I have the mod bored out on a lathe in an engineering workshop to accept the larger calibre, or would that be a seriously bad idea?

I've taken the mod apart, and to my (non-engineering background) eyes it doesn't look like reaming off a fraction of a mm would cause any changes, either to the proper functioning of the mod, or from a health and safetly point of view, so long as it was done by serious professionals, obviously.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Just to add to the above, the other cals I'd be particularly interested in are 25-06 (6.53mm) and .260 (6.7mm). So we are talking about pretty small differences here.

One possible drawback that occurs to me is that these mods are hard anodised, so taking off a skin would leave the softer aluminium underneath exposed, possibly affecting longevity.
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I actually rang the main dealer for Hausken mods here in Ireland, and he assured me that the 6.5 Hausken is perfect for 25-06 and .260, so happy days - at least now I won't be quite so limited when looking for a second hand rifle. I'd really like another Sako if possible, so that in itself will narrow things down a fair bit.

(This this thread turned out to be something of a dialogue with myself in the end, but at least I got the answers I needed!)