How far away ?


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50 yards in overhead,single spey and double spey,66 yard cast in my last competition

Wow! :tiphat:

Sadly I'm from the school of fly casting where you could insert a decimal point into those numbers and you'd be closer to my abilities :cry:

Mind you, on the chalk streams down here that's often far enough ;)



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"But then you would be pointing at something you may not want to shoot ."

You glass the deer and stalk it. You then decide you want to take it. The Mil Dot Reticle will range it for you, if you have practiced with it. Decision to take has already been made :)



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Sam, as you quote yourself as the s******t speycaster,you are only 12 yards short of 50 yards at 35metres,more than adequate for any british isle river for fishing.With these modern lines and rods 50 yards is a piece of p**s to the competition caster.

Most of the river I fish are wee spate rivers, cover them with the flopiest cast from a 12ft rod. Apart from a few days a year on the Derwent, some up north if I can, I get away with a single hander mostly.

I once had a quick leson with Eoin Fairgrave, what an eye opener! He could cast, and put me to rights, it really did make a world of difference.

This new Rio Line that im using is the dogs dangles, its a weight forward multi tip jobbie, one line for all occasions type. Tbh I doubt I get the most out of it, but it makes everything easier and I must admit that once I start again this season I should be improving still.

I think a man who can spay cast is a joy to watch. I can watch/listen to Falkus all day, that treracle voice and the smoothness of his fishing, pure brilliance. And they say he was the better shot than a fisherman too. He could write and all come to think of it!

atb, and good luck with your comps ;)



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Any tips on range estimating. I have just been told try one eye closed with a finger on target. Close the eye then with the other there will be a gap, estimate the gap measurement between both positions and multiply by 8 (or 10) and that will be the range. I've yet to try, anything similar out there ?
does all this talk about fishing help you :rofl:

ha ha frank


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The way I do it is,for any fishermen out there,I go by how far I can cast a fly!!I usually go in 50 yard increments,"ok,thats 50 yards,another 50 to there" and so on.Hope thats sounds ok,does in my head anyway!!:cuckoo:
Yes that would work, then again I don't think I could land a 20 stone Stag.:coat: