1. tjm160

    Sold: Hawke LRF600 Laser Range Finder

    Hawke LRF600 Laser Range Finder used but fully working condition £75 posted. It's unlikely I'll get my health and therefore licences back any time soon and so might as well let this go as well. Not the best optical quality but served me perfectly well for ranging zeroing distances and roe and...
  2. Cawdor118

    Wanted: Shooting Range 100m-300m

    Guys, Myself and a couple of mates are looking for a casual few hours zeroing in our ballistic turrets. Doesn't have to be anything formal... As long as it's safe. Anyone know Anywhere? Willing to pay. Inverness / Highland / + or - 50 miles. Cheers
  3. nicowilson

    What to do with my left arm at a range - tips please

    Bench shooting is very new to me. Other than for my DSC1 I haven't shot prone for a number of, err, decades. I have a new rifle that I need practice with so I am going to Bisley. I will support the rifle on a bipod. I am right handed so I will use my right hand to hold the rifle and to squeeze...
  4. nicowilson

    Underground range at Holland and Holland

    Work is being done at Holland and Holland to build an underground rifle range with a cinemagraphic targeting system. http://hollandandholland.com/2016/03/making-best-shooting-grounds-even-better/ How long is the range going to be?
  5. A1Decoy.co.uk

    Running Boar and Deer Range practice available in Kemble ,Wales & Bisley Surrey

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zq5wKcbRLYRunning Boar Range available in Kemble near Cirencester. Dates will Follow .Great Promatic Running Boar range right speed. Great practice . Groups of 3 or 4 guns at a time 1/2 Day £60 each. A morning on the Range will really make a difference to your...
  6. Z

    First range day for a stalker - please help

    My FAC for all of my rifles was granted for stalking or vermin control with no mention of ranges or target shooting. I had assumed that I couldn't use my 0.308 (or my rimfires) on a range as a result of this but I have recently read the Home Office guidelines to discover that FAC holders can...
  7. D

    How far away ?

    Any tips on range estimating. I have just been told try one eye closed with a finger on target. Close the eye then with the other there will be a gap, estimate the gap measurement between both positions and multiply by 8 (or 10) and that will be the range. I've yet to try, anything similar out...
  8. R


    hi all as you may now be aware with my posts im new to this so i post questions for advice please dont think im thik;) but advice from you guys is more than likely better than i get from my local sources i recently bought an A bolt 22-250 browning and 8x56 S/B and T8 modorator and was wondering...