.17hmr weird grouping

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Just been playing with my cz455 .17hmr
Target set at 100 metres
Most All grouping were exactly the ones on the photo below.
Average wind of 23mpr.
Between me and the target was a valley. I was shooting with the wind and not against or cross wind.
I've also done a clean barrel test (where after a shot I would put the boresnake through for several rounds ) and they were the same as if left barrel dirty.

What could be causing this?
Maybe the wind going down the valley and back up ?
Weird is that I could swear the wind would maybe push the bullets to the left according to wind direction, that was coming from behind me but slightly from my right too
I've checked and shot every 5 metres on rages from 10 metres to 100 metres and only on 100 metres this would occur.
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Here’s an example from Strelok pro with my 20 Tac data.
If you were truly 180 degrees into the wind then it shows little adjustment. However just 10 degrees off that and it is a fair bit of correction needed 719FB62D-8649-435B-BDD0-2FBC3CE91825.png AF954A2E-F130-4157-9972-852A338F23D8.png F3A131ED-07FF-4BBB-8757-EEEFA4675EA5.png