1. Baggy

    Sold: CZ 452/453 .17HMR/.22WMR Metal Magazines x 4

    Surplus to requirements I have 4 of the original 5-shot metal magazines. They retail for £37.50 each and want only £60 for all 4 delivered (£15 each).
  2. A

    Sold: CZ 453 ‘Premium’ Limited Edition .17HMR right handed bolt action stock...

    CZ 453 'Premium' Limited Edition .17 HMR Bolt Action Rifle - (Right Handed) with abolish scroll work design to the gun stock - believe only 200 were sold. Reason for sale is to get a custom thumbhole stock. BARGAIN!!! - £85 delivered....
  3. madyarra

    Sold: CZ 452 American .17hmr

    For sale, my CZ452 American .17hmr rifle, comes with 5 and 10 shot mag. A SAK moderator can also be included, rifle will have seen under 600 rounds. Hawk night-eye 4-16x50 scope in sports match mounts. Would rather get it away as the whole shabang but will consider splitting, face to face or...
  4. Virbius

    For Sale: LEI moderator to suit .17HMR

    Hi, I'm selling my LEI moderator suitable for .17HMR. It is currently fitted to my Sako Quad Varmint which is also for sale on this site. It fits very well on the varmint barrel, and is 1/2"UNF x20 thread. It is in excellent condition. £100, any questions please ask.
  5. H

    Rain Stops Play - or does it?

    Hi folks, Facing the first rain here for nearly six weeks, it seems the appropriate time to ask for your help. I have trawled the Internet but have not found any conclusive answers. Some of us are "fair weather" Stalkers whilst others are out on the hill in all weathers. My question is how...