How many have left BASC?

Left BASC?

  • Still with BASC and staying there

    Votes: 53 25.6%
  • Left BASC

    Votes: 91 44.0%
  • Was never with BASC

    Votes: 11 5.3%
  • Going to leave BASC or seriously considering

    Votes: 52 25.1%

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I'm sure most on here know where I stand - had to join, as BASC affiliated game shoot (twice) now just insure myself, I feel I have tried but phone calls and e-mails don't solve their problems. One apology, just one, would make a bit of difference otherwise its 10 years (min ) sentence for the 'Voice of Shooting' as they erroneously style themselves. Some poetic justice in that.


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I am still with BASC and I am feeling desperately sad about them. I can't decide whether to leave or to stand for council!

Agree 100%. The hard bit is trying to find a 100% consolidated coalition to put your money if you like to fight this deluge from these anti shooting brigades.

I’m staying with the BASC BDS and NRA for this year, could well be different this time next year, it’s all like a landslide against shooting
And no progress is being made to redress any or part of the whole situation Pretty grim show


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I am with them for two reasons, firstly the insurance and secondly landowners recognise BASC, which is one less hurdle when seeking permissions.
Sadly, whilst I recognise what you say, you thereby support an organisation which has its own survival, not shootings, foremost in its mind and actions - or is that inactions? My own permissions for deer are based upon what the landowner thinks of me - insurance has never been mentioned because they know me well enough to be happy I would protect their interests. They have also seen me shoot.

Still, I am saddened to say, when shooting is gone, because of consistent failures of our orgs, BASC (in particular), you will know that personal interests came first to those who failed the rest of us.
You are not the only one by a long chalk but at some point, reality and performance has to be considered, if not for us then for the future generations.