Wanted: Hunting Hawaii

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If all goes to plan, I’ll be travelling to Hawaii for work September 2022. It would seem a shame not to try get some stalking/fishing in.

Ive no idea on the seasons, but could any recommend a reputable outfitter I can reach out to please?

Thanks in advance
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If it is Axis deer I think that the limit was three a day, year round as they are not native.
+1 they have chital, sheep, goat. no season.
@Jax Whats your age? If you have done research you will understand why i am asking.


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Google is your friend. I have no personal experience of Hawaii, but there seem to be a few choices of guides and it is probably worth getting in touch even at this stage to start the legwork on the local opportunities and the licencing requirements.



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Ha. I’ll be mid 35 if/when I go. Thanks both for the input.

Any recommendation of which outfitter(s) to use?
Well if you are 35, Means you were born approx 198-5-86 you know what to do.
mid not already done so, find about the hunters education etc.
you won’t be able to hunt without it.
Each state has their own criteria check Hawaii’s but I am 99.999% sure 85-86 is not exempt.
I had researched outfitters a decade ago then decided it was cheaper to hunt chital elsewhere so didn’t so Chital there.
But then again don’t let that put you off. I would say if there, do both Chital and mouflon. Both are free range.
Speak with any 3 outfitters, ask them for references. Speak to the referees.
of join Hawaii hunters forum and ask there.
That’s what I would do.
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