Import of meat


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I believe that is why Jews and Muslims do not eat pig meat. Not due to the animal being unclean as such, it’s just that the animals were host to the Trichanella and spread death.
Yes. My (Nigerian) wife won't eat pig meat for that reason and, indeed, as a kid here I remember my mother's housekeeper saying that she always, always, made sure that if she cooked any pork that it was cooked fully, as it is certainly something that was about in Britain too in the 1960s.


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The horse meat scandal arose because people weren’t honest.
They said it was beef or lamb or whatever but in reality it was cheaper cuts of horse meat.
I don’t have a problem with horse meat as I’ve eaten horse meat sausages in France many years ago.
What I do have a problem with is lying manufacturers or suppliers passing off cheaper meat for higher priced produce


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Still happens every day ... dishonesty

Recent tests on supermarket meat showed 20% dna tests came back as “ inconclusive “

Last one I heard was fast food joints passing off beef as lamb .....

Sheep rustling back with a vengeance .....

The back door meat industry is alive and kicking

Including venison


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Unfortunately, it’s human nature to be dishonest the moment money is involved, greed is just one of mans worst traits.

I get a lot of satisfaction from treating people how I would want to be treated, and raising the majority of my own food gives me a nice warm glow that isn’t swine fever