Many thanks SD- my son's first Clay shooting with donated shotgun


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Further to this thread (in which SD members offered a shotgun, cartridge belt and shotgun spares/barrel), me, my son, my brother-in-law and my nephew went out this morning to bash some Clays.

Here's a short video, which says it all:

This was my son's first go at Clay shooting and he loved it. He's keen to progress to decoying and other flighted/moving quarry.

Many thanks to SD members B&W FOX, Kft, WhiteVanMan and Banus for your generosity.

My son (and daughter, in fact) are so pleased with the gifts and astounded by the kindness of the shooting community!

Happy New Year, looks like a good one but going to be pricey in cartridges!


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Great to get the younsters involved
Very generous of members on here to give stuff away free for youngsters ,and a great idea for guns and bits that dont hold much value