New to stalking - Seeking advice and experience.


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Hi all,

I'm new to the site and new to stalking. I like venison. From a young age I've had a keen passion for the countryside and hunting. Born in Cambridge, raised in Norfolk and now based in Essex with the Army.

I completed my DSC1 in October in Suffolk and looking to progress to DSC2 in time once confident and experienced. I have an open ticket FAC for a .22 and .308/7.62mm. I can shoot anywhere in the UK with the land owners permission. I have a .22 CZ452 for vermin control, but am yet to buy a .308 - I'm looking for opinions and to seek advice on that! I've looked at and held a few variants and so far I like the Sako 85 Hunter the most. The weight and feel just felt right!

Anyway, that's my intro. I'm looking to get involved as much as I can and hopefully pursue this hobby. I'm happy to travel, get my hands dirty and help wherever I can to get some experience. If anyone would like to help me in anyway - it would be greatly appreciated.

Happy stalking,

Welcome to the site mate. You are now in one of the best places for advice and guidance on all things deer related.

There is no such thing as a stupid question!!! You may receive some stupid answers though lol.

Good luck in your stalking career mate. If you need anything then ask as there are always people local to you that are willing to help.

All the best