sako 85

  1. 223 sako 85

    I have been using Norma 50g vmax rounds for my sako 85 223 which has worked well. However I can’t seem to get them anymore and looking for an alternative? Any one else had this problem? Anyone else have a sako 85 223 and have really good results with a particular factory load? Thanks 🙏🏼
  2. Sold: Price Drop - Optilock Bases and Rings 34mm - low. Unused, complete and boxed.

    Price Drop Unused, complete and still boxed. Set of Optilock stainless steel bases and matching phosphatised rings. Bases are Sako Short fitment. Stainless steel. See photos of packet below for suitable applications inc Sako 75 and Sako 85. Rings are 34mm - low height. Refer to photos below...
  3. Sold: Sako 85 .270 package

    Selling my spare rifle: Laminate Stainless in excellent condition. 20” barrel - £600 Swarovski 2-12x50 Z6i in decent used condition (lenses very good) - £500 Stainless optilock rings/bases Lawrence Precision titanium moderator in very good condition. - £200 Whole lot £1200 PM for more info Grab...
  4. Sold: Contessa picatinny rail for Sako 75/85 S-SM (20 MOA)

    Contessa picatinny rail for Sako 75/85 S-SM. Note - this rail is 20 MOA. It is unused with all original packaging, screws and hex key. £40.00 to include tracked delivery.
  5. Sold: Brand new Sako Carbon Wolf stock (medium action)

    The RTM carbon fibre construction ensures lightness and durability. Features include; adjustable cheek piece & length of pull, double front sling studs, pistol grip and all over soft touch coating. Came off a Sako Carbon Wolf (Sako 85) medium action (.270) and I have been told will fit the new...
  6. Sako 85 xs varmint

    Hi all. I’ve got a sako 85 xs 223 varmint. Laminate stock. Love the rifle but absolutely hate the stock. It’s not very hard wearing and it’s very heavy. I’m looking for a lighter stock for the rifle but struggling to find one. Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. Sako 85 xs .223. Best factory ammo?

    Good morning all. I have recently bought a brand new sako 85. Xs .223. The rate of twist is 1-12. I’m looking for everyone else’s experience with these rifles as to what ammunition you’re using through it? I don’t home load and never have, so it’s factory ammunition recommendations I’m...
  8. Introduction.

    Hi all, I’m joining this site as I’ve just got a new rifle set up and need some advice on it. Regarding ammo and optics. I’m an experienced rifle shot including wild and park deer as well as vermin control. The rifle in question is a sako 85 xs 223 1-12 twist/ with a stallon sound mod. I’m...
  9. Sako 85 bolt stuck down whilst out of gun

    Hi was just getting everything sorted and clean to check zore tomorrow and out Monday evening and found my bolt for my sako 85 is stuck down in like in the cocked potion but out of the rifle any idea on how to uncock it or sort it out firing pin is down Will add pictures below Many thanks adam
  10. Sold: Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with Bases. Medium Height.

    For sale: 1 pair of Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with 3cm long bases and liners. Medium height (1cm) - suitable for scopes with upto 50mm objectives. Very good condition. Taken off my short action (.222) Sako 75 as I've now changed to a picatinny rail. Suitable for use with Sako 85. £85 inc P&P...
  11. Don't buy a Sako Hunter 85

    Hi All, More of a warning to readers thinking of buying a Sako than anything else. I have really enjoyed shooting Tikka / Sako over the years and my go to stalking rifle is a Sako in 308. However, I purchased a 85 Hunter in 375H&H from its first owner (purchased 3 years ago from Avalon guns in...
  12. Sako 85 Grip Cap Medallion

    Hi all, Slightly random one for you... We are giving a colleague a present for many years of service and he chose a new stalking setup including a new Sako 85 Hunter (wood and blued) in 308. We wanted to have his initials engraved on a metal insert to replace the Sako medallion in the bottom...
  13. New to stalking - Seeking advice and experience.

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and new to stalking. I like venison. From a young age I've had a keen passion for the countryside and hunting. Born in Cambridge, raised in Norfolk and now based in Essex with the Army. I completed my DSC1 in October in Suffolk and looking to progress to DSC2 in...
  14. Opinions Please

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a new rifle. I'd be interested in hearing about pro's and cons on the following choices: a) Sako 85 b) Sauer 404 c) Blaser R8 pro success Mainly used for deer but might take it out after the occasional fox.
  15. New sako 85

    Got my new sako 85 finnlight .308 stainless synthetic zeroed in and ready to well pleased with it. best wedding present ever defiantly better than a ring. Bring on the does. :-D:-D
  16. optimum load for SAKO .308 85 ss

    Hi all Don't want to reinvent the wheel here, so was wondering if anyone has done any load development on Sako .308 85ss (shorter barrelled version). I intend to begin hand loading and any advice on bullet weights and powders/powder weights that work best with this rifle would be most...
  17. New .308 time! Sako or Tikka?

    I have been stalking for about a year now and i'm itching to upgrade my rifle to something better/lighter/shorter for woodland stalking. I'm happy with my scope (Swaro fixed 8x50) for the moment and reckon i've got about £1000 for a rifle and mod once i've sold or p/x my current rifle and mod...