Sako 85 Grip Cap Medallion

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Hi all,

Slightly random one for you... We are giving a colleague a present for many years of service and he chose a new stalking setup including a new Sako 85 Hunter (wood and blued) in 308. We wanted to have his initials engraved on a metal insert to replace the Sako medallion in the bottom of the grip cap as a surprise. Has anyone ever had this done using a good fitting, off the shelf solution without sending the rifle off to a gunsmith for something bespoke? (Trying to keep this bit quiet)! We have someone who can do the engraving if we could buy/engineer the right piece of metal.

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I wonder if it's the same size as the cap on the sako 75. I'll have a look when I'm home next week and see if I can get some dimensions for manufacturing one. I think I could get a plate laser cut pretty easily.
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