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  1. For Sale: Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic .243, Minox combo

    Hi folks For sale is my great condition Sako 75, .243 Stainless synthetic. 5 round detachable magazine Comes wearing a mint Minox ZX5i 3-15 x 56 IR scope and Wildcat Evo moderator. Allround really good condition. Ive shot 1/4MOA with my varmint load 65grn Vmax. Shoots all the way upto and...

  3. Sold: Semi-custom Sako 75 - 308 calibre

    Excellent, very accurate rifle particularly well suited for use when hopping in and out of a vehicle or in a high seat (neither of which I do very much of these days!) Overall length, inclusive of the moderator, is a very manoeuvrable 42 3/4". Length of Pull is a standard 14" Based on a Sako 75...
  4. 7mm-08 Sako A2 Project

    Some time ago I purchased a Sako A2 from Holts that had a heavy stainless barrel and sat in either a synthetic Bell and Carlson or Mcmillan stock. The action and stock had seen better days but the barrel bore scoped was like new and it shot half inch with 139gr Hornady sst. Not bad for £200...
  5. Sold: Sako Synthetic stock bedded £150

    Personal sale Sako stock Right-handed Synthetic (hard) - originally black but sprayed camo with Krylon. (can be removed with stripper at home if you wish to do that/get it cerakoted.) Inlet for A2 (Aii) models Short/medium suited to: 22-250,. 243, 308, 7mm-08 Bedded/front pillar Large...
  6. Sold: Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with Bases. Medium Height.

    For sale: 1 pair of Sako Blue 30mm Optilocks with 3cm long bases and liners. Medium height (1cm) - suitable for scopes with upto 50mm objectives. Very good condition. Taken off my short action (.222) Sako 75 as I've now changed to a picatinny rail. Suitable for use with Sako 85. £85 inc P&P...
  7. Sold: .308

    Looking for a .308 to keep me busy during lockdown. Anything with not much use sitting in your safe? Looking around £1500+ for a full package (scope, mod etc) may push budget for the right combo. Ideally synthetic stock for staking. Based in Essex so would be great if in surrounding counties to...
  8. Sold: Sako Muzzle Brake

    SAKO MUZZLE BRAKE 308 5/8 x 24 (which is 5/8 UNEF) thread. Brand new and unused 7cm in length £60 posted Now £50 posted
  9. Sold: For Sale .22 SAKO Finnfire heavy barrel

    For sale a SAKO Finnfire heavy barrel .22 (Varmint ), in looked after, good used condition with mounts and a Simmons 2.5x10x50 scope. It is factory screwcut 1/2 UNF with a thread protector and suits a SAK mod (NOT INCLUDED). It comes with a 10 round magazine. Located in Surrey or can send to RFD...
  10. Sold: Optilock rings blued 30mm

    Blued Optilock rings 30mm Believed to be medium height With the plastic inserts Fit both Sako and Tikka Optilock bases. £35 posted
  11. For Sale: Sako 75 - Custom 308 (with short barrel)

    Excellent, very accurate rifle ideal for use when hopping in and out of a vehicle or in a high seat (neither of which I do very much of these days!) Overall length, inclusive of the moderator, is a very manoeuvrable 42 3/4". Length of Pull is a pretty standard 14" Based on a Sako 75 action the...
  12. Sold: Sake 85 Stainless Magazine .308 £75 posted

    Clear out continues. My spare Sako 85 SS .308 magazine - £80 now £75 posted via RM first-class signed-for. Payment via BACS or PayPal Friends and Family - Pm me for account details. See my other listings for 85 stock spacers and dS Tier one rings:cool:
  13. Sako s20

    Hi does anyone have any hands on experience with the new sako s20 or just experience of the manufacturer in general.
  14. Installing an Ebony forend tip

    I thought I'd take the time to show everyone my method of installing an ebony forend tip on a Sako 85. There are many ways of doing it, this is just my preferred method. First, the desired length was marked, carefully cut and removed. The ebony replacement was roughly cut oversized. Marks...
  15. Sold: SAKO AII .308 stock (Any AII (2) used stock will do)

    Am in need of a Sako AII (2) Stock - Either another Stutzen or a Hunter/Plastic/Laminate/Composite, it does not matter which. Have had my Sako AII Stutzen forever, awesome little rifle. But I cannot use is on some estates (Moderator mandatory). Looking to fit a moderator as I do enjoy using the...
  16. For Sale: Sako M591 22-250

    Reluctantly selling my Sako 22-250, sadly family life dictates sale... So up for grabs is my M591 in a boyds laminate thumbhole stock with (recknagel) rail mount. Please see pictures for condition. 1/2 unf 24 inch barrel 22-250 so ideal foxing round this rifle was second hand when i purchased...
  17. Bullet Heads used in Sako Superhammerhead .308?

    Hi There, Does anyone know what bullet heads Sako uses in their 150gr .308 Superhammerhead ammunition? Thanks Tom
  18. Don't buy a Sako Hunter 85

    Hi All, More of a warning to readers thinking of buying a Sako than anything else. I have really enjoyed shooting Tikka / Sako over the years and my go to stalking rifle is a Sako in 308. However, I purchased a 85 Hunter in 375H&H from its first owner (purchased 3 years ago from Avalon guns in...
  19. Sold: 20 vartarg

    Something different. 20 vt built on a sako action. 22 inch walther stainless barrel. 850 rounds roughly not many more down the tube.bedded into a McMillan stock(synthetic and pillerd) very accurate. A proper little vermin slayer.brass and dies in the price.£850 oven.
  20. Sold: .270 Sako brass

    181 x once fired Sako cartridge cases. £70 posted
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