Petition to save Normanton Leicestershire Shooting Ground


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es, I would very much doubt that me living in the NOS would add weight to the petition. As one who spent 5 happy years working next door to you in Whetstone, I feel your pain. These settlers will not be happy till everything is to their liking, we get exactly the same up here. One wonders what the attraction was in the first place, when they want to change everything to the same as where they were spawned....
GOOD LUCK WITH THE PETITION..everyone in and around Leicestershire should sign this and try to get to any council meetings with Normanton Shooting Ground on the agenda. If councilors feel a threat to their gravy train it may just sway their vote..


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I used to have a gun in the syndicate at Whetstone Pastures. John Massey at Broighton Astlel Gunshop is still there and the shop as messy and cluttered as ever.
Its good that some things never change. I never had the opportunity to shoot while living there, (Cosby and South Wigston) I was invited to shoot a couple of times in Calne in Wiltshire. Where I also learned how to play Spoof.:D
As those, like UNICORN71, who have been there will know it has one of the finest views of any clay pigeon ground in the coutry let aone on Leicestershire or the East Midlands. I was there on Tuesday and after shooting whilst the proprietor worked out my bill just went and sat outside and enjoyed the view.


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Same thing with Mallory Park circuit. The 'newcomers' in the new estate have made life hard for the circuit. I live, and always have, in the next Village. I'm well into my 60's, but the track was there before me.