Petrol powered portable rope winch

I've done the 'Introduction' post. Wanted to put something in here with a useful title, and hopefully strike up a conversation about out products. Our petrol capstan winches have dozens of different uses, lots of people felling timber in remote locations, companies pulling trolleys out of canals, boats up beaches, pony rescue etc. The Canadian manufacturer saw hunting as such a good use that they redesigned a smaller version to be less than 10kg but still able to pull 700kg on a single line. That's why I'm here. More info and prices at

The winches we sell are;

  • Petrol powered for use anywhere, and 4-stroke making them very fuel efficient and reliable.
  • Light enough to carry cross-country, 9.5kg (PCW3000) or 19kg (PCW5000), with backpack and storages box options.
  • Model PCW3000 designed for Moose hunting on foot in Canada, so powerful and very portable.
  • Use rope rather than cable, so no nasty kinks, whips, heavy or oily reels to deal with.
  • No duty cycle, so happy to pull a load 50m in a few minutes or continuously relay loads over hundreds of metres all day long.
  • Capstan winch, so one single moving drum. Designed with a sealed and maintenance free gearbox, matched to a not notch Honda engine.
  • Full range of ropes, accessories, choker chains and karabiners to suit your requirements.
  • Currently used for stalking and contract deer culls in Scotland, Wales and Cumbria
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