Remington 700 Short Action 223 SPS

Heym SR20

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have recently acquired a left handed Remington 700 SPS in 223. Basically I want a left handed 223 or 222 and they are a bit like rocking horse poo.

I like fine guns and Remington's can be fine guns - basis of plenty of good custom rifles.

It shoots well, but it going to be a project.

Firstly the action needs some polishing up on the guide / feed rails.

Its got a parkerised type finish. I can rust blue so will strip off the Parkerised finish, polish and reblue. And whilst about it give the bolt a good polish at the same time.

Stock is comfortable, but cheap plastic. I will find a piece of timber - possibly a laminate and make a better one - in the style of straight combed American Classic, with a bit a beavertail forend.

It has a 26" barrel - this will get knocked back so can put on a slim moderator and keep same overall barrel length. I might have the barrel turned down a bit at the same time to match the profile of my 7x57 - pretty thick and stubby.

It's really going to be a target type rifle for practice use.

First thing though, has any body got a short action metal floor plate sitting in their spares box after they have gone to an after market mag box system.


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Heym - I think I have a short action bottom metal and drop plate mag off my 243. Let me check tonight and if its there/ what you need I'll send it to you. (its an SPS).

Heym SR20

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So started work on this last night. Some 600 grit emery paper and gave all the feed rails and feed ramp a good smooth and polish and removed the sharp edges. Feeds now so much better and doesn't scratch all the cases.

Next job is the race ways and bolt body. It has a rough bead blasted type finish which I have noticed on lots of rifles - why anybody thinks that a rough finish on bolt body will give a nice smooth action beats me. The rough finish and bluing will wear anyhow, so a polished bolt will just be so much nicer to use.

The deer man

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I might just have an old one, I'll check it against my 700 223 if I can find it?!

Otherwise try Andrew at Riflecraft, I know he's got boxes of them.