SA visitor.........


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Johan (left of picture) and co are over for a couple of weeks to see his family; his girls are dragging them all over London site seeing…

He joined me for a few dives when I was teaching in Mozambique years ago, that was swapped with some fishing out on the reefs we had dived.

Three is a crowd so Hennie was quite happy tucked next to an oak tree with his bins watching, Far better than London was a text he sent me.

I have a MJ head in the freezer which was something he had seen on the net but not close up, that was the plan but as the evening drew closer I was all ready head down on the stock as the first fox came trotting along while Johan tapped my leg whispering
“ Fox “

After the shot he said lets go see, nope lets wait….2 mins later out popped the second.

My quad sticks were of great interest compaired to the 3 bits of stick a lot of SA outfitters use lol


( the mag is in my pocket with an empty chamber in case any think it is not!!!)