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I need to get my lad, ESS, back on something as it’s getting very bad with Ticks here.

Thoughts on Seresto collars please


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I started with these a few years back and never looked back.
They impregnate the coat so any ticks that you find will likely be dead, I prefer this treatment over some of the more aggressive internal treatments. Each collar will last a tick season, you don't save any money going down this route but its one I prefer to take with my GWP/ESS bunch.


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I've been using these for about 5 years now, not cheap but have found them to be very effective.


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Use these on our mutt who’s always out & about in the new forest which is loaded with ticks, & it keeps him clearer than anything else we’ve used.

Bonzo dog

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We live in a high tick area, heathland/pine forest. Started using seresto about 5 yrs ago on my pair of labs. Works an absolute treat


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Just posted in the other thread,

We went from taking 4-5 ticks per week off our ESS to none when we started using these collars.

Uncle f

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Use a soresto collar on the cocker and it’s fantastic. Usually around 5-7 ticks a week. Using the collar ZERO. Collar last about 7-8 months ish