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paul o'

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Glad too hear your on the road to a fix , dry mounting at points around the shed or front room may seem odd to some but it pays off in the end as it becomes muscle memory , It stops all that low gun muzzle fighter stance then rowing the gun into the shoulder /twisting /rolling the head around etc bla bla , all this and moving to kill the whatever just turns into a car crash. When I was training guys with short or long arms we called it the Rudolf Nureyev mount cool for dancing but **** for shooting . I Feel sure Peter will have you sorted soon enough . You could also go to a pattern plate or make one if you have land ? and just keep mounting and firing a shot at a time don't forget to add a pot of white wash so you can see your mount correcting best of luck keep at it :tiphat:


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Hi Fish boy. bending an U/O stock is not a problem. if you know how much you want it bent go to Country ways guns on a Saturday at West Malling and speak to Colin. not the owner, the old chap who works in the gun room he has been bendind stocks for forty years and has done three of mine and i have been very pleased with the results. Costs around £50 to adjust the drop. I see that you are now sorted, but worth bearing in mind for the future.
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