Sog knives


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Been using a mora for a while now and been looking to invest in the next level as the Mora does need sharpening after every outing.

For ergonomics the last looks in my eye the best, however I do like a gut book so would probably opt for the second to last, the rotohook.


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Seeing this thread made me dig out my old field pup, and remember what a good blade it is, the handle feels good in the hand, it is quite gripey even when wet and mine being the mk1 has the aus8 steel which I always like (takes a good edge and holds it well), I cant talk for the mk2 as that is a different steel.
The thing that made me stop carrying/using it was the sheath, didn't sit well on my belt and did not cover enough of the handle to feel secure, again the mk2 has a different sheath, so hopefully it will be better.
A better price than you found for your link: SOG Field Pup II | Heinnie Haynes

I personally would not go for the rotohook as I like a fixed blade for convenience of cleaning, and that looks the ideal place to collect blood and other gunk when dressing an animal.

The field knife and another you did not mention the SOG Ace look good but I would want a different sheath.

I do like the look of the huntspoint, I like the blade steel and from the pics I have found I like the sheath, but as that is the most expensive are you going to be worried about loosing it?

To through a spanner in the works how about: CRKT Free Range Knife - Swillington Shooting Supplies
I have always liked the look of one of those but never bought one.