South Africa September 2019.


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This is just a heads up to the fine inhabitants of the forum

Who are maybe thinking a trip to hunt in South Africa would be nice but where would they start.

Well, this is not an advert or any such thing, other than there is a small group of us traveling out to Port Elizabeth

On the 9th September on a management cull hunt, for the seventh consecutive year, and if anyone would wish to join us

They would be more than welcome. We're a fairly down to earth bunch from all backgrounds, with a lady hunter aswell.

Flights at the minit are around £730.00 return and a 10 day, 10 animal cull hunt is €2,650.00 for all lodgings food and drinks, just tips on top.

As I say, this is not an advertisement, but if anyone would like to join us or know more let me know.