Starline 223 brass

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Okay , here goes !

New Starline 223 brass , prepped as my normal procedure for new Lapua . First , through the press allowing the sizing ball to ID size the necks . Then chamfering and deburring before loading for development.

The problem occurs during bullet seating , necks are graphited and I've changed to using an ELD seating stem . I'm still getting inconsistent seating depths and the dreaded ring around the ogive , non of this occurs using Lapua brass and Sierra BKs .

I'm assuming and possibly wrongly , that the brass is harder than Lapua . There is nothing on Starlines website as regards annealing , or if during the manufacturing process , they have been annealed . The final polish would remove any colouration .
Should I pass the new brass through the annealer to achieve better consistency for this and future reloads as I'll be annealing after the first firing anyway?

Thoughts please .

Thanks in advance.



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Just by looking at the Lapua brass you can tell that the neck part has already been through some kind of annealing process. You have nothing to loose by annealing the brand new Starline cases (providing you do not overheat them). I only use Starline for pistol brass but had no issues and no need to anneal initially.

Fox Tales

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Decision made , this way all subsequent reloads will be consistent with the first in regards to neck tension .👍 IMG-20210524-WA0005.jpeg