Swarovski 3-18 x 50 and optilocks


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I'm having a switch around with my scopes.

I have a Swarovski z6i 3-18 x 50 that I'm moving over to my tikka t3 lite.

I am already using optilocks with 34mm rings at the moment, but as the z6i has a 30mm tube I will need to get some new rings.

My question is, can I go to extra low rings? I like my scope as low as possible.

Annoyingly I had some before I had a swap around a few years ago, but I seem to remember either selling them or I've misplaced!! The scope I had before was a 3-12 x 50 Zeiss duralyt and that had enough clearance, I'm guessing this will also be fine for clearance too.

So does anyone have a tikka t3 the aforementioned scope and extra low rings. I also guess if someone had a sako and the same scope that would also give me a good idea.

Thanks in advance.


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That definitely helps mate. If mine is a 50mm I should be fine as yours would've been at least 6mm bigger on OD.

I think the finnlight has a similar profile as the t3 too.


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Can anyone explain what Sako were thinking when they made their 'extra low' rings high enough for a 56 mm objective lens, given that there are also low, medium and high rings after that? Does anyone actually ever buy medium or high Sako rings? And if so, why?


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The rings you need vary depending on the action sizes on the Sako 85, but are not an issue with the Tikka actions.

regards Neil.


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The rings are all identical other than height and colour. It's the bases that vary between type and action.
I understand the different bases but the ring sizes do vary, for example I have both XS / S action Sako 85 with the same bases and the same scopes but the S has higher rings to clear the Action.