Talking stalking, North Wales


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Is there really no interest in this event?
Very disappointing that there’s only a handful of us, no wonder the evenings got dropped by BASC really.



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Arranging with BASC is one thing, getting bums on seats is another.There is a massive Deer Stalking fraternity within North Wales,considering there is very little deer in the general area.

Dave Phillips who runs Coastal wanderer is a trained chef as well as running his very successful bushcraft business makes tools and equipment out of deer skins,hides, etc he spoke at the first event I believe.

Andrew Venebales might be interested to talk on ballistics and long range shooting.

Mereside has kindly offered to talk on behalf of UKSHA and all things dog tracking, which is an evening in itself tbh.

Not local But Settlers Safaris in Stafford might be able to talk and discuss on hunting abroad in SA, maybe also Snowdonia Taxidermy on the process of mounting trophies etc.

Just some ideas to consider.The first event held was a collaboration of myself and a few others contacting BASC with a plea to run seminars in North Wales.Sadly as VSS has mentioned the event arranged last year was a total waste of time as the dates published were incorrect,hence the **** poor turnout.


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Yes the D.I. made a right old pig's ear out of advertising several events in recent years. Then they wonder why some were so poorly supported.
Found this while looking for a Cheshire meet, found one on here a long time ago. I could make a N Wales/Cheshire meet. I have no stalking friends, have just joined a syndicate (not met members yet) after a years of accompanied stalking.
I'm from the smelly end of Cheshire.


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As a complete newbie I'd be interested in attending too, depending on location and my shift pattern.